"SLOW FOOD" 2017

Our extra virgin "Biò" campaign 2017/2018 is now Slow Food.


Stay 1 or 2 nights at our Agriturismo Poggio degli Olivi to rediscover the traditions of Umbria!

on-line slow food guide 2017

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is reported in the "EXTRAVERGINI SLOW FOOD 2017 ON LINE GUIDE"


26th National Competition Extra Virgin Olive Oil "The Golden Orcus" Our Moraiolo Monocultivar has received GRAN MENZIONE in the category FRUIT FRUIT

14th National Exhibition of ASSAM MONOVARIETAL Oils 2017

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Monocultivar of Moraiolo" got a score of 7.5 in the Sensory Evaluation Card of Assam, the Agri-Food Sector Service of the Marche.


In the guide "OLI D’ITALIA 2017" of Gambero Rosso our Extra Virgin Olive Oil "CLASSICO" has received THREE LEAVES, recognition of extraordinary. The "MOSTO D’OLIVA" has been awarded with 2 RED LEAFS, so among the excellent. The extra-virgin olive oil "TRACCIATO" has been awarded the oil mark for perfect harmony with 2 LEAVES.

The Land of Olive Oil 2017

Giulio Mannelli’s Agricultural Company is reported with its products in the guide TERRE D’OLIO, a territorial culture book that celebrates extra virgin olive oil and exalts the most beautiful places in the beautiful country.

22nd edition of the BIOL competition 2017

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Biò" has obtained MEDAGLIA EXTRA GOLD at the 22nd edition of the BIOL competition which rewards the best organic extra virgin olive oil in the world.

Maestrod’olio 2017

The extra virgin olive oil "Monocultivar Moraiolol" Campaign 2017/2018 was awarded with the 1st Prize Crown Maestrod’olio 2017.


From 12 October to 25 November 2018